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2013 Gator pictures.

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Coweta County Gator Getters, Guided Alligator hunting in Georgia.
Micheal Schroder stayed with it after loosing good one the night before and ended up with this 12'6" Seminole gator
Gallery of Photos

These are some of our gators harvested in previous years.


D Lesniak 9'6"


This 9'6" Lake Seminole gator was harvested in 2006 by Dave Lesniak of Coweta County Gator Getters.


Gene and Conrad 8 footers


As the sign reads, "Be Aware Alligators Present" and trust us, they are. These 8 footers were harvested by Gene Schroeder of Wisc. and Conrad Lehman of Ga. on Lake Seminole in 2005.


Craig Meyer 9'8"


This 9'8" gator was harvested by Craig Meyer on the Satilla River in 2005


Tom and Dad 10'6"


Edwin Fairchild of Minn. and his son Tom, made up this father/son team and harvested this 10'6" Lake Seminole gator in 2006.



Coweta County Gator Getters, 10 Oxford Place Sharpsburg Ga (678)516-0092.


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